FLL17 užduočių laukas - HIDRODINAMIKA


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In the challenge HYDRO DYNAMICS the FIRST LEGO League teams will investigate the human water cycle.

More than 320,000 young people from 88 countries around the world participate!


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Amžiaus kategorija: 9-14
Išleidimo metai: 2017

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Ready, ready, now! Take a look at the 2017/2018 HYDRO DYNAMICS SM season and learn everything about the human water cycle - where and how to find it, transport it, use it and how to dispose of it. Young people aged 10 to 16 will enter into the world of HYDRO DYNAMICS. What can we do when we discover what happens with the management of our water?

FIRST ® LEGO ® League challenge young people to become scientists and engineers and think about them as such. Throughout the HYDRO DYNAMICS season, the teams will have to carry out a Scientific Project to solve a real problem related to the management of the water. In addition, they will build and program an autonomous robot using LEGO® MINDSTORMS® technology to solve the Robot Game missions.

All this will be done through the fundamental pillar of FIRST LEGO League: the FIRST LEGO League Values , celebrating the discovery, teamwork and Professional Courtesy.

Start enjoying yourself with the HYDRO DYNAMICS Challenge!